Friday, April 09, 2010

I am...

I am...not that girl from the blog last week.

It was recently brought to my attention that my latest blog "Where has the fun gone?" was not me. A little too negative and self pitying, I agree. Usually weary of letting negative thoughts seep into my mind, I had a moment of weakness and let 'em flow. But now, in my own Jedi mind trick reversal I've erased those thoughts from my blog physically and my world completely. There is no longer time to think anything but good thoughts as the big dance, the Crossfit Games Southwest Regional competition, is only 29 days away. From here on out it is time to kick ass (my own and everyone else's too).

I am...rested.

Taking the past five days (plus one more!) off has given me time to recenter and balance myself in a way that I haven't been able to do for quite some time. I have gotten back in the ocean, spent time with close friends, gotten a massage, organized my files and balanced my checkbook (yes, I STILL do this!), and relaxed. I have realized that rest is necessary in physical and mental recovery (duh) and I am grateful that my coaches (Colin and Huff) supported me in this temporary hiatus.

I am...strong.

Holy crap! I nonchalantly snatched 65# while demonstrating form to a newer athlete as I was coaching two days ago. In the not so recent past I couldn't even snatch a PVC pipe properly. Yeah me.

I am...ready.

During a visit to a local affiliate (CPC) this afternoon, I got butterflies upon witnessing 1-rep max thrusters. I wanted to pick up a barbell and yell my head off while thrusting 135# into the ceiling. I saw myself in a stadium with the bright lights shining down, the soft track underneath me and the cool steel in my hands. The bar was light and I was fast. I was killing whatever that imaginary WOD was.

I am...thankful.

Heart full of happiness, head full of positivity, days full of sun and a breezy ocean; life is good. I am thankful that I have qualified for Regionals and that I get to represent Crossfit Ventura as a strong and healthy, fully capable athlete. With every limb and muscle; every ounce of sweat and will, nothing will be spared. I will triumph.

I am...BACK.

Watch. Out.

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