Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Monday, May 17, 2010

DNF-Did not fail

DNF-Did Not Fail

A week has passed since crossfit Southwest Regionals. Some of you may already know; I didn't win. Actually, I didn't even finish in the top half of the women. Officially, I DNF'ed (did not finish) 3 of the 4 events; I was a couple of rungs from the bottom of the ladder, the second fiddle, THE biggest loser. If I were a mediocre college football player my red shirt would have been taken away.

The irony in all of this is that I couldn't be happier with my performance. Last weekend I pushed my body to its limits and triumphed over...myself. All log carrying and tire flipping aside, it was the best competition of my life! Here is a re-cap.

DNF #1=The most terrifying, and then fun, WOD ever

*5 rounds of:
2 muscle ups
10 power cleans at 85#
200 meter run

*must be completed in under 15 minutes

When I saw this WOD on the games site I gulped and cried on the inside (maybe on the outside too). Circa three days before the competition I had never done one muscle-up in my life. I knew I had to get at least one under my belt before the competition so I set out practicing. Bruised wrists and sad faces mixed with some frustration later, I got one muscle up--it was Thursday, two days before the event. I immediately tried another one and couldn't repeat the move. I was officially terrified.

Come event time I was nervous but focused. There was no option for me but to do muscle ups and do them well--I would need to get ten (!) done to complete the workout.

Before the event I didn't practice the move. I didn't want to feel what failing was like, so I swung my arms around, clapped a bunch of chalk on my hands and stared the rings down. As the start drew near, I could see the Crossfit Ventura (CFV) crew standing by the sidelines along with my vociferous mother. At that moment, looking at my friends, before the clock started, I remembered that I love crossfit for the people and the community and that the competition was icing on the cake. Happiness suddenly enveloped me and I felt like giving hugs all around. Since I didn't really have time for multiple hugs, I just ran over and laid one on my mom. That was enough. I ran back to the rings for what felt like my impending doom.

When the clock started I wasn't ready for a muscle up. I thought about what I should do, hung on the rings, kipped and missed. I repeated this for about three minutes and then told myself to cut the BS and just do the muscle-up. So I did.

I found myself on top of the rings, locked out, grinning. I wanted to stay up there forever.

After that first muscle-up in the WOD, the next ones weren't so bad. I ended up doing most of the WOD, finishing 4 rounds plus one more muscle up in 15 minutes.

I couldn't believe I had just done 9 muscle ups (and a bunch of cleans and running)! I will never forget how good that felt.

For days after this WOD I repeatedly jerked myself awake dreaming of doing muscle up after muscle up. The last dream I had I was doing 30 for time. I can't wait to do this for real now.

On to the next...

DNF #2=A heavy WOD

In less than 7 minutes:
20 Clean and Jerks @115#
40 Burpees over a parallette

The scene: me and two Valley Crossfit amazons putting heavy stuff over our heads. Them=20 clean and jerks (C&J) unbroken, 40 burpees fast. Me=4 (very broken) C&J and 39 burpees labored.

This workout seemed insurmountable at first, but apparently competition pushes me to do things I never though possible before. My previous C&J personal record (PR) before the competition was 100 pounds. 115# 4 times was awesome. 39 burpees after that was even more awesome.

I almost felt as if nothing could get better than 9 muscle ups, but doing those C&Js and then getting hugs from Rebecca Voight and Katie Hogan added to the sheer amazingness of the day.

DNF #3=AKA, "This WOD was over my head"

In less than 20 minutes:
1000 meter row
30 overhead squats @85#
1200 meter run

For some reason, after Saturday, this WOD didn't seem very tough. I thought that I would get through the row and overhead squats and then kill it on the run. I planned on passing everyone on the track and just smoking it. Of course I underestimated how hard the OHS would be.

The row went by quickly. I pulled at a pretty easy pace as to not burn myself out for the overhead squats. Running to the overhead squats, I planned to do 6 sets of 5. I did 2 and dropped the bar on my head on my third rep. Laying on the ground I knew this was about to be a fight.

It was.

When it was all said and done, I cleaned, jerked, snatch balanced and overhead squatted 85# 25 times. I never got to the run.

At the end of the workout I couldn't believe it, but for the third time in two days I thought that I had just completed the best workout of my life. Even if I didn't REALLY complete it.

All in all, Regionals put some fire back into my mind. I realized that placing and winning didn't matter much to me; that the effort I put into each workout was what really counted. And, being as I almost got last, I figure there is nowhere to go but up. So make some room amazons, you may see me (not spectating!) at the games in 2011!

If you want to see some video, look here:
The drop down menu is on the left and you need to choose from are some approximate times:

May 8th 13:44-14:44 I am doing some muscle ups at minute 1:20-2:37 and then there is an interview with me at minute 11:10
May 9th 10:55-11:55 Event starts at 28:19 and you can click for the next 20 minutes on various points but I know there is some video of the overhead squats at the end around 43:50
May 8th 16:44-17:44 26:54 is the beginning of the C&J heat and it goes until 33:53

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