Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Final Supper and...lift off!

The twelve disciples would have loved this supper much more than the last one they attended. Absent of bread and wine, we indulged in paleo goodness instead. Wild caught salmon drizzled in coconut, lemon, cilantro sauce with a side of asparagus, mashed cauliflower and tomato and cashew gravy was the main course. Later on, our night cap was gluten free muffins with cashew butter frosting, fresh strawberries and coconut ice cream. Yes, yes, I will remember my final supper in America fondly. My dear friends and colleagues from Santa Barbara City College, Marit (along with her husband Eric and daughter Evelina) and Gail sent me off with a nice taste in my mouth! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With that yummy send-off behind me, tomorrow I am heading for Afghanistan. It will take almost two days to get there with a one night layover in Dubai (which I am looking forward to). I will arrive in Kabul on the heels of the parliamentary elections. Although all of the reports you have probably read in the news have been of Taliban kidnappings of candidates and random violence against civilians coupled with a low voter turnout, there is a bright side to this. There were just free elections in Afghanistan in which many women voted
AND were candidates (386 ran for office, to be exact)! What an amazing time it is for me to be arriving in the country. Starting in a few days, I will get to be part of the nation-building that has been underway in Afghanistan for the past few years. Although I know it will be challenging, I am looking forward to all of the unknowns and interesting experiences that are about to come my way.

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